Earlyout Selfpay Collections

Our Earlyout program is designed for your selfpay accounts. This also includes patient due balances after their insurance has paid. All accounts are called using the name of your facility in order for us to be as "transparent" as possible. Our financial counselors will "mirror" your business office policy and guidelines.

Listed below are some of the ways that our Earlyout Selfpay Collection Program will benefit your facility:
  • Selfpay accounts can be called as early as 7 days after discharge
  • All accounts, regardless of balance will be worked
  • All accounts are scrubbed for the lastest addresses and phone numbers
  • Our counselors can pre-screen your accounts for free care, if you have such a program
  • All calls will come to our office, via a convenient local or tollfree number, so your staff can concentrate their efforts in other areas
  • All money will still go directly to your facility so you will have no interruption in cash flow
  • Patient statements can reflect all of their selfpay accounts on 1 statement so the patient will know at a glance what is owed
  • All patient statements will be sent by us, which will save you greatly on postage as well as statements, printer supplies and the cost of personnel associated with this project
  • Patients will receive payment coupons in order to remind them of each payment due
  • Past Due payment plans will be followed up in a timely manner
  • We can electronically send you all notes and address changes as well as forward any accounts to the agency of your choice
  • Increased recovery through this program will mean less accounts going to collections, at a higher fee

        We will be happy to do an online or onsite presentation at your convenience!

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